Adrenalin Productions can take your event or show literally into another dimension. Special occasions such as corporate events, launches and/or live productions these days require an edge that your guests stafand even the competiton, will remember when they walk away word of mouth is the strongest form of advertising and the WOW factor is the best way to get tongues wagging. From rope accessing hard-to-get areas, to flying people and products high into the air or skimming the heads of your audeince for just that added bit of wow factor, this is the way to go.



Technical rigging takes many forms, some straight forward, some not so straight forward, and years of experience has taught us one major lesson, the only constant to the the ongoing rigging equation is that it can be dangerous at any level and only experienced, qualified technicians should ever be involved with setting up and executing this type of service. Adrenalin's team has many years and many differint types of productions behind them fromfeature film work to live shows or hanging displays all of these require an experienced hand to emulate exactly what the client requires. When it comes to safety there is no comprimise.

Our team consists of some of the most experienced, safety personnel and specialist riggers in the industry today, and we have a long history together which creates a very strong team environment. It also gives us the knowledge to be able to source almost anything required in this extremely specialised industry.  With our background and history in stunts and specialists rigging, we have the opportunity to learn who are the more experienced and most reliable professionals in this area and forge healthy alliances with them.

The creative side of Adrenalin Productions, eg. our live shows, will simply help to illustrate that we apply innovative and imaginative thinking to our work.

Adrenalin productions' progression within the film, industrial and live show arena places us in good stead when it comes to instilling confidence, in both cast and crew throughout any project. This is something that is often over looked but is always required for the unique tasks they will be expected to perform and the specialised equipment they may have to operate. Knowledge in these circumstances becomes a great comfort.

Our rigging and technical crew, and an international network of performers and technicians, can transform any space no matter how big or small, indoors or out into a stage or a themed performance area.

Our safety standards are second to none. We will in no way compromise the health or well being of the performers, crew or any one else.There is a safer way than most would initially imagine, in reaching the same outcome; a fact always established at the beginning of each project to eliminate down time and confusion.

We are consistently achieving results for our clients well beyond their initial vision.

For specialty rigging personnel for your next project contact us.