Our team of specialists come to your venue to help create new presentations, be it for a temporary or a permanent installation.

We can offer services ranging from and including conceptual, writing and directing, management to technical and physical. Our team will come to your venue and help create and set-up a world class presentation.

With our combined experience in live action entertainment we can not only offer a cost effective solution to producing live shows we can increase your gate with an ongoing product that will keep your guests returning time and again.

This innovative concept includes budget outlooks, risk analysis, safety reports, training schedules and technical management and ongoing maintainence.

Using your staff, sub-contractors and your own products, ADRENALIN PRODUCTIONS' team of qualified technicians will train them in their required capacity and supervise training and execution of each element required for the shows success...

'Transitional Integration'

A concept unique to Adrenalin Productions and welcomed by clients throughout the world. We come to you create, set up and initiate a live action show to your guidelines in conference with our specialists. We then oversee any required auditioning process and/or the training of your existing crew and performers in a variety of areas such as stage presentation and placement, stage fighting, acro, slapstick comedy, pratt falls, special effects, basic rigging techniques etc.

Once the players have completed their initial inductions, they can then slowly integrate into the pre-existing show, they will team up with the existing performer in a "buddy" style system. This will enable them to gain knowledge and confidence one-on-one as they take over the role and eventually continue permanantly as a full time member of the production.

Adrenalin will then act as advisor through out the season and oversee the maintainence and logistics of each project for you.