Adrenalin Productions, the Aussie specialists in 'Live Action Entertainment', would like to introduce you to a unique and innovative form of live family and corporate entertainment. Graduating from a history of live performances and motion picture stuntwork has given us the experience to create almost any effect, on or above stage, a client may require.

Our rigging and technical crew and an international network of performers and technicians can transform any space no matter how big or small, indoors or out into a stage or a themed performance area.

Adrenalin Productions is committed to presenting talented performers and crew alike. We are consistently achieving results for our clients well beyond their initial vision. Our safety standards are second to none. We will in no way compromise the health or well being of the performers, crew or any one else. There is a safer way than most would initially imagine, in reaching the same outcome: a fact always established at the beginning of each project to eliminate down time and confusion.

Imagination is your only boundary!

Our team of specialists come to your venue to help create new presentations, be it for a temporary or a permanent installation.

We can offer services ranging from and including conceptual, writing and directing, management to technical and physical. Our team will come to your venue and help create and set-up a world class presentation.


We have shows currently available to place into your venues stage area, or arena.

Our production team, including creative, technical and rigging crew, along with an international network of performers, can transform any space, no matter how big or small, indoors or out, into a stage or themed performance area for your guests to enjoy time after time.


Adrenalin Productions brings to you our team of industry professionals to help you create, initiate and manage your event large or small.


Adrenalin Productions can take your event or show literally into another dimension. Special occasions such as corporate events, launches and/or live productions these days require an edge that your guests stafand even the competiton, will remember when they walk away word of mouth is the strongest form of advertising and the WOW factor is the best way to get tongues wagging. From rope accessing hard-to-get areas, to flying people and products high into the air or skimming the heads of your audeince for just that added bit of wow factor, this is the way to go.



Years of experience in many different fields of entertainment ranging from theme park performances and production, to motion picture films, stunt work and safety supervision, allows us to visualise your concepts on many different levels before breaking ground or starting to film. 

Script anysis and location based assesment provide a specialist view at hazard reduction for your product.

Our experience in China with Co productions offers us a unique persepctive on an exciting and very dynamic growth Industry 

Eliminating accidents and hazards in the work place frees up crews, offers a relaxed work environment and saves both time and money in an industry where every minute counts this service is invaluable.


We offer a vast range of specialty performers and support crew. If your event requires something out the ordinary or a little outrageous, maybe you need something quite spectacular to get your point across, we can supply you with specialty performers and artists ranging from:

acrobatic tumblers and trampolinists - unicyclists - fire breathers - jugglers - circus performers - martial artists - abseilers - stilt walkers - human torches - and stunt performers.

If you are a performer and would like to forward your resume to us,
please contact us.

Throughout all of our productions and events the one constant concern of all our clients is safety.

Our first port of call for each and every one of our productions be it large or small, is a risk management plan. We analyse each and every possible situation, then create the production with these elements in mind.