A team of five young stars of the world of acrobatics

With a variety of skills that circumference this elite discipline, our team of five world class athletes will dazzle and amaze all ages with their precision, skill, and timing

Be thrilled as they perform the five points of the acro star:

  • Artistic
  • Adagio
  • Circus
  • Power Tumbling
  • Trampolining

Using various apparatus such as Mini Tramps and Tumbling Strips, as well as each other.

This show is completely interactive with the children as they are encouraged to clap along, jump up and warm up with the team.

Our young guests will also have the opportunity to meet with the team after the show and join in an impromptu acrobatic workshop with all the members of the team assisting them every step of the way. We call this the "Inter-Activities" In short, after the show, you can have a go!

The show will feature mini trampolining, adagio, acrobatics, power tumbling and just for fun… an interactive clown act.

Routines throughout this amazing twenty-minute show will be performed under smoke and lighting effects by our acrobatic professionals, who can proudly add World and National Championships as well as Olympic Qualifying as just part of their incredible resumes.

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