Electro, the supercharged super-villain is back to wreak havoc on the people of the world and only one wise crackin', web swinging, fast talking, superhero can stop him…

The Amazing Spiderman…

Electro, Ordinary Joe turned electrostatic assassin, supported by his personal bodyguard Black Cat, has instigated and initiated a diabolical plan by using a new mind altering vapour that controls the electrostatic-impulses of the mind.

With the help of Black Cat and a group of unwilling candidates Electro plans to unleash his fiendish new device on the people of the world. If unleashed, Electro will be able to obtain information from anyone, any time. there is no telling how far he could go if he has access to all the secret and business information through-out the world. With his keen Spider-sense, Peter AKA Spiderman, senses the approaching danger and brings forth his alter ego to match wits and do combat with this arch-villain and his crew.

Watch as Spiderman swings his stuff live on stage demonstrating his spider-skills in martial arts, acrobatics and web slinging/rope swinging.

Special fog effects, Aerotechnics and mini trampolines, roping stunts such as swings*, counterweight systems* and flying foxes* are all part of this action packed performance.

*if the venue allows

Proudly brought to you by Adrenalin Productions