HOOK'S Revenge

A Live Action Comedy Stunt Show

As smoke rolls slowly across the water, the unthinkable becomes clearer 
We realize our worst fears may have just come true!

He's back!

Captain James Hook

That wickedly nasty, devil of a man has finally returned.

It seems he has achieved what he first set out to accomplish.

To rid Never-Never Land of children once and for all.

Unsatisfied with his achievements, he has now set his sights on the next obvious destination,

He will stop at nothing to fulfill his quest

He must be very careful, for he knows that out there, somewhere, 
there is small boy with the heart of a giant, and that boy alone has the power
to undo everything he has worked for..

And so he must never mention his name..

The name of PETER PAN!

Join us and help Peter in this ultimate race against time as he, once again, does battle with Captain Hook, Schmee and his band of bungling Pirates.

Set upon our pirate stage our show features acrobatics, mini trampolines, tumbling, slapstick Swashbuckling, swordplay and rope work*.

Special effects will also be a feature of each show with smoke machines and aerotechnic effects (pyrotechnics may be included if permissible).

Get yourselves set for this fast paced, 
action packed 30 minute production, set to sail daily 
on a centre stage very, very near.

*Please note: rigging can only be included if the facilities are available at the venue


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┬ęCopyright Adrenalin Productions 2010. All rights reserved.