Buskers, Jugglers, Acrobats, Aerialists and Slack Rope Artists…

And you think classic street theatre!

From the past to the present the festival has excited and inspired people from all ages and all walks of life.
You thrill at the spectacle, 
Admire the skill,
watch in awe at the
incredible talent from these unique performers!

Adrenalin Productions brings the excitement of
the festival to you…

in front,



and above

Become part of the magical labyrinth that is physical theatre!

The Fiesta-Ville
Celebrate the vibrance of the fiesta-Ville with us,

as our performers fly above you on ribbons, 
dangle on ropes, 
balance on unicycles, 
tumble and juggle their 
way into your memory for 
years to come
After the show you can 
meet and greet the performers 
and also have the opportunity to learn how its all done
in our hands on workshop 

Our Host takes on the form of a classic street busker 
and draws you into the magical world of street theatre.

Join him on the journey of discovery and wonder as he takes you deep into 
the fiesta-ville...

A place of fantasy that will always be a part of you 
The Fiesta-Ville
Fantastic physical theatre

Proudly brought you by 

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