Adrenalin Stunts Pty. Ltd. trading as Adrenalin Productions will ensure the safety of each of its employees and sub-contractors by assessing each project individually and outline all possible risks and hazards that may present themselves. We will also maintain a high level of high level of safety by supplying all necessary (PPE) personal protection equipment and insist on its use where necessary.
Risk assessments work method statements and site inductions will also be conducted prior to the commencement of any new project.

Adrenalin Productions will ensure that only qualified performers and crew be employed for the specific project and the specific task. Adrenalin Productions will register current qualifications and or CV's prior to the commencement of any new project

Adrenalin Productions is committed to complying and exceeding with current OHS legislation.

As the proprietor of Adrenalin Productions I will maintain a high standard of safety throughout all of our related working situations and expect that all of our employees and sub contractors follow all direction and maintain the same high standard.

All of Adrenalin Productions employees and sub contractor will be expected to be responsible for their own safety and well being as well as their fellow work mates and they will be required to highlight and make safe where possible any hazard that may present themselves throughout the course of their employ. All hazards highlighted will be assessed and minimized prior to continuing work.

Safety in the ultimate consideration to any event project or production a team that is confident with its safety and well being is an efficient and cohesive team that get the job done professionally and effortlessly.

At Adrenalin Productions, we pride ourselves on our ongoing level of commitment to safety and guard that level jealously.

Thank you

Jon Heaney
Executive Producer

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