Jon Heaney, a Sydney based motion picture Stunt Performer; Creative Director and former representative Trampolinist. He founded Adrenalin Productions in the early 1990's.

He began his career as an acrobatic performer in a local Sydney theme park, he then progressed to live stage shows at clubs and venues around Sydney, honing his skills busking and creating physical theatre for various outdoors venues such as Darling Harbour, Manly Corso and Sydney Foreshores.

Jon has created and co-ordinated numerous, product launches, opening ceremonies, festivals, launches and special events. Be it creating the entertainment for a product launch or a gala evening from page to stage on his own, or, co-collaborating with an existing team to help create the best image possible for the client, Jon is comfortable in many rolls.

Companies now seek out his creative skills and troubleshooting ability, for their own projects, wanting experienced eyes to look over the event before it begins. Jon can assess many of the logistical issues that arise when planning action into an event, his experience can actually save time, energy, and money.

Along side his involvement with Adrenalin Productions, Jon boasts a healthy career in the motion picture industry, where, he has performed stunts and worked with the safety teams in over 100 motion pictures, tele-movies, series, programmes, and advertisements to date.

Adrenalin Productions can also proudly list many successes with various styles of stage shows, such as high dive shows and aquacades, basketball slam-dunk shows, specialist rope rigging and abseil demonstrations, shows corporate functions and parties in venues ranging from, ballrooms auditoriums and exhibition halls to shopping centres and theme parks.

From early in his career, Jon learned the importance of safety and expertise, which has led him to become himself a qualified workplace safety officer, rigger, first aid officer, and roping specialist. As for his team, Jon only employs the best cast and crew for the job and his attention to detail is apparent from the very beginning.

The men and women that work alongside him are the most qualified in their field, and this level of expertise evokes an element of confidence and ease rarely available in industry today. Jon knows he is only as good as the team around him and the longevity of Adrenalin Productions his testament to that.

As an action director and performer for well over 18 years, there are few with more experience in this unique industry to get the job done right the first time and in the live show world, you only get one chance to get it right.

At Adrenalin Productions, we welcome your challenge.