Jon Heaney, Stunt Coordinator, Action Director and founder of Adrenalin Productions with working credits under his belt including Star Wars, Mission Impossible 2, Superman Returns, and a miriad of of live shows accross the globe welcomes you to unique form of live action entertainment. 

Adrenalin Productions'Live Action Entertainment' and Safety Consultation, specialists would like to introduce you to a unique and innovative form of live action, family, corporate and motion picture entertainment.

Graduating from a history of live performances as well as motion picture stunt work, which has now taken us to many countries including China, India, UAE and Indonesia just to name a few, has given us the experience to create almost any event or effect, on or above stage, you as a client may require.

With credits ranging from game show, reality TV show Action consultancy - Theme Park Show Technical and Action Consultation - Motion Picture Hazardous Action Management -

Adrenalin Productions can assist with all action elements in almost any format you can imagine...we can bring your vision lo life. 

Accessible, reliable, friendly, willing and able...

With our specialist action team and technical crew as well an international and local network of performers and technicians, we can transform any space no matter how big or small, indoors or out into a stage or a themed performance area.

We seamlessly integrate with you, your team and your visions to help bring to life all of you, your clients and your audiences expectations. We pride ourselves on respecting and understanding the culture of the regions we are visiting and working within. 

Adrenalin Productions is committed to presenting a professional and courteous product each and every time.

We are consistently achieving results for our clients well beyond their initial vision. Our safety standards are second to none. We will in no way compromise the health or well being of the performers, crew or any one else for that matter. There is a safer way than most would initially imagine, in reaching the same outcome: a fact always established at the beginning of each project to eliminate down time and confusion.

Imagination is your only boundary!

At Adrenalin Production we welcome your challenge...


Other Countries Adrenalin Productions has worked in include:

Kingdom of Bahrain  - Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia  - Singapore  - New Zealand - USA Hawaii - The Philippines